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Past gigs

23-07-2017 Haltpop, Assendelft

10-06-2017 Musicon, Den Haag, With Solitary(UK) 

02-06-2017 De Flux Zaandam, Jottem! is jarig 22.

12-05-2017 Anno nu, Oldenzaal, Deadly Alliance Birthday Party

13-04-2017 Zaanradio live and pure, Jottem Wormerveer

08-04-2017 Manifesto Hoorn, With Onkt and Anger Machine

25-03-2017 De Flux, Zaandam, Album release show, With Nafearya and The Abandoned

24-02-2017 De Bunker, Gemert.

05-01-2017 P60, Amstelveen. With Last Fear and Shade of Hatred

05-11-2016 Hatefest, Walhalla, Deventer. With Hateflag and Inquisitor

08-10-2016 Geldersch Metal Treffen, Willemeen, Arnhem. With Impalement, Putrid Pile, Desolate Fields

03-09-2016 Occultfest, Hoogeveen. With Funeral Whore, Bloodphemy, Cliteater, Collision, Shade of Hatred, Toxic Waltz

02-09-2016 Kroepoek Fabriek, With Usurper

11-06-2016 Elsrock, Rijssen. With Deadly Alliance, 3rd Machine, Martyr, etc

23-04-2016 Finals Metal Battle 2016 at Estrado Harderwijk, with Extremities, 13 Steps and special guest Rise of a Thousand

12-03-2016 Semi-finals Metal Battle 2016 at Estrado Harderwijk, with Dood, Irritation and Rhovanion.

30-01-2016 Qualification round Metal Battle 2016 at JKC-Nirwana Dronten, with Route North, Engraved and The Fourth

03-07-2015 Café Swaf Hoorn, with Mutator and KFFR

26-05-2015 Café 't Kooltuintje Alkmaar, with Nafearya 

10-05-2015 Musicon The Hague, with Anihilated (UK) and The Outside

30-04-2015 Manifesto Hoorn, with Fields of Steel

24-04-2015 Com-ic RIPevent Purmerend, with PPTA and Anger Machine

10-10-2014 Musicon The Hague, with Anihilated (UK) and Priapis

04-07-2014 De Jinx Zaandam, with Forever Mortal and Warshell

07-06-2014 De Flux Zaandam, with Pandemia

23-05-2014 De Grote Weiver Wormerveer, with Laboratory Sickness and Discreator

09-05-2014 HPC Den Haag, with Last Fear and Deathammer

18-03-2014 Com-ic Purmerend, with Evil Oath and Desolated Fields

27-02-2014 The Future Wassenaar, with Acrid and Forever Mortal

25-01-2014 De Grote Weiver Wormerveer, with Last Fear and Warshell

28-11-2013 Zaanradio, radio concert

02-11-2013 Rockcafe Ozzy Apeldoorn, with Alcosolid, Hufterbuks and Kill once more

21-09-2013 P3 Purmerend, with Laboratory Sickness, Warshell and Dystopia

24-08-2013 Rockcafe Asgard Beverwijk, with Damage Source and Magnetron

22-06-2013 De Flux Zaandam, with Dissect and State of Negation

01-06-2013 Drie Maria’s Purmerend,  with Laboratory Sickness

24-05-2013 Impuls Wormerveer, with Sadistic Solution and Laboratory Sickness

14-02-2013 De Jinx Zaandam,  with Trio’s Amigo’s

02-02-2013 De Flux Zaandam, with Grafjammer and Pulverised

12-01-2013 De Jinx Zaandam,  with Dystopia

03-11-2012 Rockcafe Asgard Beverwijk, with Icons of Brutality and April Morning

26-10-2012 De Grote Weiver Wormerveer, with Baxteen and Pink Panda

06-07-2012 Impuls Wormeveer, with Laboratory Sickness, Notion, Genetics and The Clits

12-05-2012 De Kade Zaandam, with Xerpentor and Impaler

16-03-2012 Impuls Wormerveer, with Seven Steps of Denial and Laboratory Sickness

21-01-2012 De Klos Emmeloord, Sounds from the underground Festival, with Repulsive Slaughter, Nailgun Massacre, Obeah, Godslave, Undershadow and Wakefull

16-12-2011 Impuls Wormerveer, with Die for the purpose of living and None Shall Fall

08-10-2011 De IJsbreker Leusden, with Funeral Whore, Bodyfarm and Obtruncation

08-07-2011 Impuls Wormerveer, with Sadistic Solution

19-03-2011 Impuls Wormerveer, with Arterial Bleeding and Repulsive Slaughter

22-01-2011 De Kade Zaandam, Jottem is Jarig!, with various artists

29-12-2010 Feestival Zaandam, with various artists

24-12-2010 De Kade Zaandam, Popmarathon, with CC- Rider, The Gentry, Dark Clouds, Frozen Steel, The Sticko Experience, Goldsick Monkey, M-Brosis, S.L.E.T. , Not Another Einstein, Between Skins, The Cyclons, Jean Koning en We're Just You Men.

21-05-2010 The Cave Amsterdam, with Funeral Whore

09-04-2010 Sint Michael College Zaandam, with various artists.

22-01-2010 De Kade Zaandam, Jottem is Jarig!, various artists

17-10-2009 Zaanradio, benefiet concert

16-10-2009 P3 Purmerend, with Last Fear and The Lucifer Principle

12-09-2009 Feestival Zaandam, with various artists

04-09-2009 De Kade Zaandam, with Eye of the Hurricane and Escadron

26-06-2009 Impuls Wormerveer, with The Few, Laboratory Sickness, Radiofood, The Fucking Assholes, Huh

04-2009 Sint Michael College Zaandam, with various artists.

14-03-2009 Bukbuk Heiloo, with Better left Buried and Violent Demise

06-03-2009 JC De Kern Purmerend, with 21 Gun Salute and Violent Demise

2009 Koppiebar Assendelft, private party

18-12-2008 JC Volta Amsterdam, with Arterial Bleeding

13-12-2008 Impuls Wormerveer  21 gun salute, with Violent Demise and Arterial Bleeding

01-11-2008 Het Zonnetje Zaandijk, Infantry only

22-08-2008 Rockcafe Asgard Beverwijk, with various artists

27-06-2008 Impuls Wormerveer, with Playground Fire, Famous Crap, Pamparius Dudes and Fearless Skies

07-02-2008 Winston Club Amsterdam, Emergenza Festival, with various artists

02-02-2008 Kade Zaandam,  Metal Battle with So called Celeste, Dystopia, Laboratory Sickness

2008 Het Zonnetje Zaandijk

23-11-2007  De Kade Zaandam, with Apocryph and Return to Reason

29-06-2007 De Kade Zaandam, with Chainsaw and Putrescent

02-2007 SCWO Wormer, with various artists

2007 SCWO Wormer, with various artists